Wonderful Love - Harris Daniel


Wonderful Love is the latest single from Harris Daniel, a lover of God and a worshipper.

The new Sensational Gospel artist Harris Daniel started out his musical journey as a teenager. He joined the choir in RCCG Risen Sun Parish, which gave him various opportunities and platforms to gain exposure, and have full command of his craft.

He is the current music director of Original Love Choir (OLC) transformation generation, which is the largest choir in YabaTech [Yaba College of Technology]. OLC is however where the Midnight Crew met.

Harris Daniel is a student of YabaTech in affiliation with UNN. His music is largely influenced by gospel Arts like Kenny Kore, wall Group, Nathaniel Bassey and more in no particular order. He is Season 1 winner of Worship Flame West Africa [WFWA] – gospel talents hunt which held in 2015. WFWA did her best in grooming his musical ingenuity thereby making him to effortlessly work around different genre of music. Harris is sound, deeply rooted in African contemporary. He is manage and produced by Undivided Sky ltd.

Below is the song and its Lyrics. Enjoy!


Verses 1:

I know am not a perfect man

But when you came into my life

You made me understand

That without you in my world

I cannot stand a chance

So I thank you my saviour

For giving me this chance


Just like the bible says

You’re everywhere I go

Am connected to your spirit

And you are speaking through my soul

Just like the bible says you’re everywhere I go

Please stay with me I can’t make it on my own


If I could count what you’ve done for me it ain’t enough

Here’s my heart I’ll make room for you to come along

Stay with me in the rainy days and beyond

You are

God and your mercy is forever

Verses 2:

In you I live and move and have my being

I cannot do without you, you’re all I need

Old things are passed away

Behold all things have become new

Now that am born again

I’ll sing to you and praise my way through

Amazing grace how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost and now am found Was blind but now I see(2X)


I love you

And I know you love me too(4X)


You sent your son to die for me on the cross of calvary

Now am grateful for the blood he shared that washed away my sins

Now I live in bliss and I am free and I am made complete

Despite the fact that you could read my heart, your love was still the same

Hook & Chorus:

I love you

And I know you love me too

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