Hello friends, Worship Flame West Africa (WFWA) is a major plus to our nation, organisations, society and home. WFWA is the presence of good and great leaders. When great leaders are absent in a society, then crisis, corruption, and backwardness is imminent and inevitable.LEADERSHIP

Show me a nation with great leaders and I will show you a nation that has the potential to thrive well.

My strong believe is that, leaders are not naturally born, they are made. You and I can be leaders in our own domain and make positive changes as much as we can, for a better society and a brighter future. I therefore salute the courage of the organisers of this twitter conference #Audacity2Lead
Let us narrow it down to music in Nigeria, which is the area I am supposed to speak on. Music is a very powerful tool that can be used to shape our nation and address the ills of the society. We can use music to curb corruption, promote love and peaceful coexistence and it can also be used to teach morals in our society. As musicians, our musical talent is a powerful gift from God which can bring outstanding results, if it is well utilized.

Today, I am sure that many are not maximizing their musical potentials just like that unprofitable servant, while some are busy using their talent wrongly by engaging in music that is causing more havoc to the society. Even though, the challenges are numerous, but there is a great prospect that we will soon overcome these challenges.

Gospel music in Nigeria today is growing at a fast pace compared to the past. Presently, we have many Christian TV stations, great Music Producers, highly talented Video Directors, and the quality of productions of both audios and videos have improved over the years. Artists are getting more creative day in day out and there are several platforms been created by people for artists to express themselves. We have some good internet radio stations and we have many Christian bloggers.

However, we still have a long way to go if the future of Nigeria Gospel Music will be brighter. This is one of the reasons that WFWA exists, she has some innovative ideas and services that will better enlighten gospel artist and the music professionals, particularly those in the Gospel Music Industry. WFWA is rolling out these ideas and innovations one after the other. One of the ideas is the young talent gospel artist in Africa, Nigeria in particular.

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